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IDI InfoTech is a highly innovative IT provider focused on delivering professional, affordable and top-notch IT solutions to customers locally and globally. Founded in the year 1998 in Coimbatore, a  city in southern India, our growth from an information directory publishing company to fully technology provider was optimistically high. We are technology people who take on projects responsibly to find solutions for small and medium sized businesses across industries and across countries. We are creative and exploit the imagination of our customers to deliver more than their imaginations.

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We leverage the power of most up-to-date front-end and back-end technologies to make responsive software that runs on all platforms and devices. We have years worth of technological expertise in developing robust and scalable web applications using ASP.NET and PHP so we are the specialists in custom ASP.NET development, Enterprise ASP.NET and PHP development. Our certified developers bring creativity and practicality to deliver impactful web solutions and applications. We have crafted numerous successful stories in various domains/industries with ERP solutions, E-commerce applications, corporate sites and portals and much more.  

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We are the best at what we do, so expect tangible outcomes. Being the leading IT provider in Coimbatore, we have the mastery over Custom Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Ecommerce Solutions, ERP Development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and more. In real you have got covered in one place. Having IDI InfoTech as your provider you get access to the best IT minds in the industry who can produce solutions to any challenging tasks and size.

And as a renowned IT company in Tamilnadu, our professional touch to the services give a good standing among your customers, market and in the Internet. No matter what challenges you are facing, what solutions you need to win over, and what marketing strategies you need to work on to win the internet, we are here to really engage you with our range of services and solutions thanks to our professionalism and technical expertise.

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