Search Engine Optimization

The Leading SEO Company In India

You might be puzzled with the idea of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In fact, it is the sum of strategies that could be applied to make your website rank higher in the search engine like Google. In short, SEO is all about visibility in the search engine.

Gain Sound Visibility in Search Engine

IDI InfoTech is counted as the leading SEO provider in Coimbatore that employs best and the latest optimization techniques to provide higher visibility for your web site in Google search results. Our close attention strives to keep your website on top of the search engine results and assure you with increased web traffic, sales and revenue. Apart from getting more customer attention, SEO leads into more business opportunities as well.

IDI InfoTech will associate with you to deploy a result-oriented SEO strategy. Rather than stuffing pages with irrelevant words, our SEO specialists create links from top-ranking websites which aids a lot for your website to be visited by more users. Following the latest search engine algorithms, techniques and methodologies we ensure your web pages appear on the top page of search results and are easily findable by the users. Our specialists keep updated with changing processes helping businesses to get more customers, leads and sales and to gain competitive edge in the market.

We Follow Technical SEO process

  • Website Audit: Before moving into SEO practice we thoroughly examine your site’s weakness and strengths. We discover the elements that affect the site and follow the right solutions to attract visitors and traffic.
  • Technical Errors : We evaluate technical errors such as the missing HTTPS security, faulty robots, content duplication, slow page speed, inappropriate site indexing, No XML sitemaps, broken links, missing alt tags and
  • Do research your competitor site: Evaluating competitor sites helps to take result-oriented decisions on SEO plans. The competitor analysis helps to find any gaps in the strategy, identify competitor strengths and weakness. We plan strategies to improve traffic, keywords, backlinks and more.
  • Best SEO strategy: After going deep into the above elements we carry through an integrated SEO strategy that combines paid advertising, social media and other online marketing plans that helps you bring success into your business.
  • Reporting: We utilize best reporting tools to get a glimpse on the effect produced through our efforts. This helps to take important measures on existing plans to improvise on web traffic changes, rank position, SEO score and the usability.

SEO is the most effective way to improve site visibility in Google and other search engines. We help you grow with proven strategies. Join us to boost traffic, more conversions and more revenue with a plan that makes you stand out in the crowd. We are the Providers of Best SEO, Top SEO Services and Cheap Search Engine Optimization Packages at Affordable SEO Prices range to clients across all business sectors  worldwide. We offer our SEO services for small business, medium business and companies.